Yuki Lodge

  • Entrance | Terrace garden

    The external appearance of our Lodge

    The Yuki Lodge has an entrance to welcome guests and a turf terrace in the courtyard.
    The making of car porch which is not affected by the weather such as rainy weather.
    We always clean every corner to make sure that our guests have a pleasant stay.

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  • Lobby

    Lobby Shop

    Open-air vaults Spacious lobby
    Please meet friends and customers.

    Souvenir shop

    We have a lot of recommended products.
    We also sell original products that are not sold elsewhere.

  • Large public bath

    Yuki Onsen

    Yuki hot spring that springs up since ancient times.
    We use fresh hot water without water and without pouring (heating).
    mmerse yourself in a bathtub surrounded by nature and heal your body and soul while loving the nature of the four seasons.
    The boasting open-air bath offers picturesque views.
    There is also a footbath on site.

  • Restaurant


    In the calm atmosphere of the restaurant, cook fresh Sankai seafood in the kitchen,
    You can enjoy freshly prepared dishes.

    Business hours
    Weekdays 11:30 - 14:00(L.O. 13:30)
    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:30 - 14:30(L.O. 14:00)
    All day 17:30 - 20:30(L.O. 20:00)

  • Rooms : Japanese-Western style room

    Hiroshima Stay

    Enjoy your stay in Yuki-cho, located north of Hiroshima.
    You can enjoy the different flavors of each of the four seasons.
    Total number of rooms 21 rooms Capacity 80 guests.

    Check-In 15:00
    Check-Out 10:00
    You can choose between Japanese and Western style rooms. Some rooms are adapted for the disabled.

  • Multipurpose hall . Banquet Hall

    Party Hall Convention

    A multipurpose hall that can accommodate up to 500 guests.
    A tatami-mat room that can be used for various banquets, meetings, and meetings
    We correspond to various usage methods of customers.